Sunday, March 15, 2009

So good, that I could just cry-- Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheetcake (Texas Sheetcake)

 Honestly, I could just weep. I just took a bite of Pioneer Woman's Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, ever-- and Ree was not foolin' with me. Holy Moly, my world of Chocolate Cake will never be the same! The cake was still warm, moist and unbelievably delicious and there is a war going on, with my will power, to stay away from gorging on this. This recipe is so simple to make, that you don't even need to get out a cake mixer-- or, in my case, my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

I warn you-- I used four sticks of butter, 8 Tablespoons of Dutch Processed Cocoa and 1 pound of powdered sugar. This is no time to be counting calories, or fat grams.

This is the BEST chocolate sheet cake ever! I have to give most of this away, tomorrow. Otherwise, I will be looking for bigger bathing suits to wear to my water aerobics classes.

I'll tell you all about Pioneer Woman (if you don' t know her, yet) at the end of this post. I want you to stick with me, long enough to see how easy this cake is to make.

2 sticks of butter are melted with Dutch Processed Cocoa (use any kind of unsweetened); I found this stuff at Trader Joe's and I love it.

Boiling water is added to the melted butter and cocoa and then poured into the mixture of flour, sugar and salt.

A little tip-- do all the mixing in your kitchen sink. Cocoa makes a mess!

Next, buttermilk, eggs, vanilla and baking powder makes their appearance.

Whisk the batter together and get read to pour:

I love that I could use one of my commercial baking sheets, and I didn't have to grease it or prepare with parchment paper! Bake this for about 20 minutes at 350F (I underbaked for 18 minutes and it was perfect).

In the meantime, it's time to make frosting:

Chop pecans (you can omit these, which my son wish I had...but I love pecans and I was feeling selfish)

Measure your thighs and repeat the melted butter and cocoa process again. You can exercise in the morning....

Pour the melted butter and cocoa into powdered sugar and then add the pecans.

Here's another thing that makes this cake easy-- you don't have to remove it from the pan, and you don't cool it!

You pour that frosting onto the cake and spread it!

And when nobody's looking, you lick the counter clean...

I waited exactly fifteen minutes...and I had to cut into the cake.

And I took the fastest photo shots ever.... and I dug in...and my eyes filled with tears.

OMG. I have sinned. I have met the devil on a plate.

You have to make this. If you do, I want to know if you have fallen for this recipe the way that I have.

I need chocolate detox. This will be my "secret weapon recipe" at an upcoming potluck.

Excuse me, while I go hide my bathroom scale.

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